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January Upcoming Events…

My 2021 ministry plans include continuing to preach and teach in churches and special meetings wherever I’m invited, God willing. I am scheduling this years meetings right now and am committed to going anywhere and everywhere the Holy Spirit will send me.


My contact information is on the front page of my website for anyone desiring to schedule me for their event!


I’m also prayerfully considering two Mission projects outside of the U.S. this year.


The Philippines…

First of all, I still plan on being in the Philippines when they open their borders to the U.S. I have several contacts connecting me with churches there. I’m excited about making my first ministry visit to the Philippines.



Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras, a nation I’ve spent a lot of time in. In our “Fiesta de Milagros” Campaign project, my team and I conducted 62 Salvation-Healing Campaigns in every large and medium size population center of the nation. This excluded Roatan because of the small size of its few towns. However there are about 60,000 persons on the island and I’ve received reports that no one has every done a campaign like ours as far as they know. This has captured my interest. I’d love to go there and help the churches impact their island for Jesus.


So, we are in the beginning stage of research and inquiry that will clarify our possibilities there.

If we do it, I’ll need to believe God for the finances. It will require a relatively small budget to be raised but one that requires faith. Now that I don’t pastor a church, I don’t have a “built in number of financial supporters” to fund such an event. So, I will have to reach out to friends and churches to help in the endeavor


I’m ready to go. I just need God’s green light and provision of resources!


Please pray for Kari and me my friends, as we continue to obey Jesus’ Great Commission!


We love you!



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