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Honduras Fiesta de Milagros #4 (El Progresso Update) | Pastor David Brown

Jesus and the Apostles ministered the Gospel of the Kingdom with miracle power! This is still our mandate and method today! The world ignores a God who is indifferent, uncaring and unresponsive to human need. But a miracle working God...they are excited about Him! They will come out to receive His love, mercy and miracles! And... they will worship Him with all their hearts.


This is what we have done for many years now, telling the world about the Jesus who is Alive, the God who Loves them, and the Holy Spirit who is With us to achieve the miraculous!  This video is testimony to the New Testament model of ministry we used in the city of El Progreso, Honduras!


By God's grace, some 20,000 people a night came to hear the Good News of Jesus proclaimed with signs and wonders! We gave away 60,000 gospel booklets and saw thousands of people testify to both salvation and healing by the mercy of God!  Yes, Jesus is alive and He is Lord of All!