Ministry Reports

Spring 2021      - Ministry Report

David Brown Ministry Report_April 2021

I’ve been using the first quarter of this year to pray, study and create fresh and new teachings as the Covid 19 situation lingers over and slows Kingdom activity. Also, I just finished an important edit to my book, “Celebrating the Healing Power of God”. (It’s amazing how many times you can proof a manuscript and still errors appear after printing. LOL! ) It’s available on Amazon if you need to build your faith for healing in your life.


I am now scheduling meetings for 2021 however and excited about what the Lord is about to do in our world! I believe the hardships of our present time are going to move people toward God in a measure we haven’t seen for many years. When people get thirsty for God, God begins to quench that thirst! (See my article this month, “Thirsty Yet?”.)

So, I am available for guest speaking, revivals, evangelism, healing ministry, Bible Schools and pulpit supply. My contact information is available on the front page of this website. Please let me know if I can be of service to you, your church, conference or bible school.


Blessings to you,


Winter 2021      - Ministry Report

David Brown Ministry Report_Feb 2021.jpg

Well, I’ve been pretty much home bound during the month of January. It looks like the very worst time to begin a full time travel ministry was during the Covid 19 Pandemic of 2020-21! LOL! I haven’t been entirely idle though.


Kari and I both maintain a personal ministry to the people we meet and with our social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve begun sharing brief video teachings and words of encouragement through that medium.” Please “like” my Facebook and Instagram pages to see these.


Don’t forget my monthly faith building articles. There’s a brand new one every month on this site. Just click the “Articles” link at the top of the page.


Kari is assisting me by getting my monthly email letter on MailChimp which makes it look so much nicer and easier for us to release as well.

If you’d like to receive my monthly email you can sign up on the front page of this website.

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel. Just click on “videos”, then on the YouTube channel link. There are 36 videos on my channel at present. Some view these teachings when they can’t go to church. I give you my word. They’re all really good! Ha!


We continue to plan ministry to Honduras, Mexico and the Philippines however the pandemic has placed this activity on hold for now.


Churches are slow to open and slow to have guest ministers these days understandably. One friend of mine who travels in ministry told me he hasn’t even attempted to book any meetings for 2021. I actually haven’t either. For the record though, I am available for….

Guest speaking

Evangelism and Healing ministry

Bible Schools

Pulpit supply (for pastors needing a break)


My contact information is available on the front page of this website.

Please let me know if I can be of service to you, your church, conference or bible school.


Blessing to you,


January 2021      - Ministry Report

David Brown Ministry Report_Jan 2021.JPG

Dear Friends,


We had planned on being in the Philippines throughout December visiting family and ministering in churches. Those plans had to be scrubbed or at least postponed because of the COVID 19 pandemic. The Philippines kept their borders closed to U.S. travelers and we were stuck in the states.


So, Kari and I spent December praying, studying and planning for the new year. We also rested, relaxed and stayed home most of the time like so many of you did during this pandemic. I have to say we are ready to get out of the house and travel for Jesus again! We enjoyed visiting with Tony and Calli Poole, Kari’s parents also. They serve as missionaries to the Philippines and were in the U.S. briefly for business. What a blessing to see them for the first time in four years!


Kari and I both contracted the corona virus a few weeks ago. We had some severe symptoms but no lung problems. Thank God, Jesus our healer pulled us through it by his grace! Sadly, several dear friends passed away these past couple of months and two long time members of the church I pastored in Amarillo passed away from the Corona virus. We mourn our losses but are so glad that death is not the end for believers! Jesus promised that we’ll never really die!


Also, my pastor, mentor and 46 year friend, James E. Maloney passed away. He had suffered a lot of medical issues in recent years which stemmed from the horrible physical abuse he suffered as a child. His underlying health problems undoubtedly contributed to his death.


Dr. Maloney traveled the world in prophetic ministry bringing the “word of the Lord”, healing and astounding miracles to multiplied thousands of people. He was a phenomenal man and one that believed in me! He launched me in teaching and preaching ministry back in the 70’s when he was my pastor in Kentucky. He was also instrumental in placing me in both churches I pastored these past 40 years. Kari and I just had lunch with him and his sweet wife Joy about a month before he passed away. It was great time of fellowship and now I recognize a very memorable one.


Just a couple of days ago I received the sad news that my friend and former brother-in-law Pastor Johnny Hibbs passed away. He also had underlying health issues that enabled the Corona virus to take his life. Johnny was a sweet and loving man and a dedicated General Baptist pastor. He was generous, positive and so very caring of his church members his entire lifetime. I will always be thankful for his kindness and love toward me.


I will also note that he and I had a couple of opposing theological views…as well as opposing political views. However, we genuinely loved and appreciated one another in spite of our differences. We talked about them some but never let them get in the way of our friendship. He was certainly a man that made that easy. I pray we can all practice Jesus’ love like Johnny did in these days of horrible division and strife in our nation! Heaven has gained a couple of really good men in Jim and Johnny! They were both very positive influences on me!


Kari and I love all of you who pray for and support us! We’re praying for you!



November 2020      - Ministry Report

David Brown Ministry Report_Nov 2020

I conducted a three day meeting in the first church I pastored in October. Christian Life Center is located in Broken Bow, Nebraska, a town of 3,500 people. I became the pastor of this fledgling congregation (actually more of a prayer meeting at the time) 41 years ago in 1979. We grew from about 17 people to almost 100 by the time I left in January of 1983.

I learned so much about ministry during my time pastoring the sweet people of this little town.


God blessed our meeting with several healings and people recommitting their lives to Jesus!  I had a great time reconnecting with long time friends and making some great new ones including the pastors, Steve and Jennifer Collins.  Please pray for this church as they seek God to shake their region for God!!


Pastor David 

October 2020      - Ministry Report

David Brown Ministry Report_Oct 2020

Kari and I traveled to Missouri a few days ago to take part in “Fall Surge 2020” the semi annual spiritual event sponsored by Cape First Church in Cape Girardeau, pastored by my good friends Gary and Rose Brothers. Cape First is a great multi-site church in southeast Missouri which is shaking their region for Jesus! Pastor Brothers is one of the strongest leaders I’ve met in my life plus he’s been a special blessing in my life personally. We’ve been friends for decades now having met when we were both very young.


I spoke in addition to Pastor Daniel Bracken of Kings Chapel, Wasilla, Alaska. Pastor Daniel has a strong prophetic gift that is a blessing everywhere he ministers. So I spoke on healing and he ministered prophetically which made for very exciting services all weekend long. Daniel is a very strong preacher of the Word!


Many testified to being healed of various illnesses and conditions in the Saturday night healing service I conducted. I spoke a total of five times during the event. I really enjoyed it. What a blessing to encourage people in their faith in the Healing Jesus!


My next meeting is in the first church I pastored, Christian Life Center in Broken Bow, Nebraska. The dates are October 9-11. Steve Collins is the pastor. I’ll be seeing old friends and hopefully making some new ones too. I’ll be staying in the home of my long time friends Chuck and Sue Cole. They were members of that church way back in the early 80’s. Conversation with Chuck is always “iron sharpening” and eating at Sue’s table is….well, “glorious”! I don’t think I’ll be suffering for Jesus anytime while there. (Smile)


We’re praying that the Philippines opens up to tourists soon. Covid 19 has closed their borders to U.S. Citizens. Kari’s parents have been missionaries there since 2003 and we really want to visit them. We haven’t seen them in four years. Plus, I have friends working to connect me with pastors there so I can help reach people with the gospel while in the country. Please pray that we will be able to make that trip during November and December.


We are close to getting all of our legal paperwork done including getting our 501C3 designation so that our partners who desire to support us financially can receive a tax deductible receipt. I’ll keep you posted on that.


Finally, if you haven’t ordered your copy of my new book, “Celebrating the Healing Power of God”, there’s a link on this website that will take you to my page on Amazon! I believe the most important things I can say about God’s healing love and power is contained in this book. I know it will increase your faith in Jesus your healer!


Please keep Kari and I in prayer. We love you!

Blessings to you!



September 2020      - Ministry Report

Pastor David's new book,
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Chapters include...
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August 2020      - Ministry Report

David Brown Ministry Report_1

What a year 2020 has proven to be! Our nation is enbroiled in political turmoil, social chaos and fear of the future. America needs God more than ever. Jesus really is our only answer! Yes, everyone is experiencing big lifestyle changes but it’s doubly true for Kari and me!


Kari and I began the year with the trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land. Israel was just “phenomenal”! What a blessing it was to walk where Jesus walked. Then, when we arrived home we were welcomed by the Covid 19 virus, sheltering in place and social distancing. Suddenly, all my guest speaking engagements and a ministers seminar I had planned in Honduras were put on hold. As I was transitioning out of my 40 years of pastoral ministry into full time travel ministry, all of a sudden…everything came to a screeching halt. What to do?


Well, we decided to pack our bags and travel light. We put our house on the market thinking it could take as much as a year to sell…but it sold in five days! Then the buyers asked us to expedite the closing date and all of a sudden we were moving! We decided to move to the Dallas area for the sake of Kari’s real estate business and the convenience of flights out of DFW Airport. So, here we went to Plano, just north of Dallas in Collin County, Texas.


We’ve been here for three months now. Kari is working hard learning the ropes of a new Real Estate Brokerage and their lead generation system. I’ve been working on creating a brand new ministry organization, “David Brown International Ministries” through which I will continue to preach the Good News of Jesus as an evangelist and teach God’s word anywhere and everywhere the Lord leads us. Soon, I will have my ministry registered as a 501C3 organization and we’ll be off and running for Jesus. We’re making new friends and also renewing long time relationships with friends who live in the area.


My meetings are being rescheduled, Praise God! My first ministry date was August 2 at New Creation Church in Longmont, Colorado. Donnie and Rhonda Bennett are the pastors. We had a great time of ministry and teaching there. Several in the Sunday morning service testified to God’s healing touch in their bodies. I’ll be ministering in Missouri and Nebraska soon. (See my events page.)


So, yeah! 2020 is a big year of change for us! But Kari and I are doing just fine, working hard, praying and staying in the Word. We miss family and friends in Amarillo so much of course. I’m sure we’ll see you guys soon. Meanwhile though, we are about the Father’s business.


Please pray for us as we begin this adventure and…Watch this web site and my Facebook and Instagram accounts for encouragement and ministry news! Also, I’d love for you to sign up to receive our Email Ministry Reports! Let’s stay connected.


Praying for God’s richest blessings on your life!

David and Kari